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About Us

About Us

IMA was established in 1973 to develop leadership and participation of women of South Asian descent in Canadian Society. The organization welcomes women of all backgrounds regardless of religion, race, socio-economic strata or age. IMA is a not-for-profit volunteer grassroots organization aimed at combating violence, racism, sexism and inequality in the society. IMA believes in empowering families by promoting the unifying aspects of our culture while challenging those that devalue women. Over the years IMA has continued to provide support, referral and information to women. 

IMA has over the last 50 years dedicated itself to work for women’s issues. Entirely volunteer service based and without any external funding IMA has created an endowment fund at the Vancouver Foundation to power its vision of empowering and educating women.

Our Logo Story: The IMA logo best describes the roots of IMA. The image is that of our founding members who in 1973 got together under the guidance of Reminder Dosanjh and Harjit Dhillon to create IMA as an effort to address issues typically faced by South Asian descent women. Their belief that women themselves can be the strongest support for other women has been a founding tenet behind IMA and enabled it to service BC communities for the past 50 years. They embodied the core belief of IMA of creating a “family” for the women who needed support and help to have a safe haven to confide and reach out.

These founding members are depicted in the logo from the left Ms. Premchit Siripawa, Ms. Harjit Dhillon, Ms. Raminder Dosanjh, Ms. Roda Pavri and Ms. Baljinder Siddo. Their contributions and vision guide IMA till date.

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission:

To advocate for women’s rights and promote gender equality by providing a platform for South Asian women to connect, educate, and empower women. 

Our Vision:

A future where every woman experiences a life free from discrimination and violence, empowered with the knowledge, skills and resources to fulfill her potential. 

Our Goals:




Community Engagement


Our Values

At IMA we believe in the values of:

  1. Equality: We believe in a world where every woman has the right to live free from discrimination and violence, with equal opportunities and access to resources.
  2. Empathy: Compassion and understanding are at the core of our values. We seek to create a supportive and empathetic environment for women facing challenges.
  3. Inclusivity: IMA is committed to inclusivity and welcomes women from all backgrounds, cultures, and walks of life. We celebrate diversity as a strength.
  4. Integrity:IMA is committed to inclusivity and welcomes women from all backgrounds, cultures, and walks of life. We celebrate diversity as a strength.
  5. Accountability: IMA is accountable to the women we serve, our supporters, and the broader community. We take responsibility for our actions and their impact.
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