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Who We Are

India Mahila Association (IMA) was established in 1973 to develop leadership and participation of women of South Asian descent in Canadian society.

Advocacy for Women’s rights

IMA has since 1973 advocated for women’s rights championing for gender equality, social justice, and policies that support the well being of women.

Education & Empowerment of Women

IMA has worked tirelessly to empower women by providing them with knowledge, skills and resources they need to lead fulfilling lives and achieve their goals. IMA provides educational opportunities designed to foster personal and professional growth for women, nurturing lifelong learning and development.

Community Engagement Programs

IMA actively engages with South Asian communities across British Columbia to raise awareness about women’s issues and create a supportive network for women.

IMA an Introduction

IMA is a not-for-profit volunteer grassroots organization aimed at combating violence, racism, sexism and inequality in the society. It believes in empowering families by promoting the unifying aspects of our culture while challenging those that devalue them. 

What we do

Advocating for Womens rights and providing support, referal and information to women.

IMA has been an ardent advocate of women’s issues in BC for the past 50 years. Over the years IMA has raised its collective voice in support of women’s issues. One of their proudest moments was in the formation of a coalition to stop the construction of a sex-selection clinic targeting South Asian women in Vancouver. They also advocated for justice for a number of cases of domestic violence against women in the Lower Mainland.

IMA works to create communities that are connected with each other and that promote the unifying aspects of our culture. The aim to create a home away from home – a sisterhood that supports and unites at the same time. IMA strives to organize education and skill building workshops and events to enable members to hone and upgrade their skills. The approach is to use the collective knowledge and resources to make a positive impact on the society.

IMA also organizes cultural events like dance programs, picnics, occasion-based events to enable the community to come together and celebrate and build bonds that last. IMA is also focussed on developing programs for the young women to enable them to contribute as well as learn and expand their horizons.

IMA functions without operational funding and is managed entirely by volunteers. From potluck lunches and events supporting women’s causes IMA has raised funds to create an endowment with the Vancouver Foundation to support women-based projects.


Years of Service

IMA Endowment Fund

With the Vancouver Foundation BC a registered charity.

IMA Endowment Fund

IMA has set up an endowment with the Vancouver foundation. This endowment will generate two awards each year for deserving motivated women, one at Vancouver Community College King Edward Campus and the second to a deserving motivated woman in need of financial assistance at another institution or women's shelter. The two awards are the India Mahila (Women’s) Association of British Columbia Fund and the India Mahila (Women’s) Association of British Columbia Education & Training Fund. Your gift will help make a meaningful and lasting impact in our society. You can also donate directly to this fund. For donations by cheque, please make it payable to Vancouver Foundation and include the name of the IMA Fund on the memo line or on an attached note. The cheque can then be mailed to Vancouver Foundation at 200-475 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 4M9.

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